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Ralph Oates

I have received this from Ralph Oates,s publisher for discount details on Ralph’s book

Hi Paul, thanks for getting in touch. We can certainly give you the link, but even better, we can give you a discount code (RCT25) which gives your members/contacts a chance to buy Ralph’s book, (or any book on our website) at 25% off the cover price. Not only do they get money off, you get 10% of the RRP for your charity. So for a £15 book, you will get £1.50, and your contacts will get a discount of £3.75.

This is a great opportunity for you to make some serious money for the charity, and also to spread the word about the book and our website. There is no end date on the code (until we both decide to stop it) and it can be used multiple times. The more people know about it, the more money we all make.

Remember it is not just Ralph’s book that can be bought using the code, but any book on our website, and you get 10% of everything.

The link is A Question of Boxing - 1500 questions on the sport of Boxing – JMD Media Ltd

John McCormack 

Fighting Back

I have received this today from the author of Fighting Back, JJ McCormack

Hi Paul, thanks for getting back to me. Below you’ll see I have copied/pasted the link for my new novel Fighting back, of which I’m donating all of my royalties from the first 1000 copies sold to Ringside Charitable Trust.
Thereafter I’ll continue donating 50% of royalties received
Fighting back has been described by one critic as , ‘A very funny tale of two best mates who find themselves in the midst of an implausible adventure that takes them from their native Sheffield to the bright lights of Las Vegas.’ Fighting back has also received the following great reviews
  - ‘A very enjoyable read!'
        Paul Zanon, best selling
        boxing autobiography writer
- 'The funniest, most charming story you will ever read of a bromance in mid-life crisis.' - Ben Doughty, Boxing Coach, Author and Broadcaster.
- 'Enjoyed reading this and all for a great cause!' - Johnny Nelson MBE, Former World Champion

Once Amazon has taken its cut I will receive £3.00 per book, which will deliver a very quick £3,000 provided your membership throws its weight behind it!
Thanks & good luck
J J McCormack (35 fight
ex-amateur boxer & author of Fighting back )

If you’re interested in buying Fighting back, use the following link